I’m Baaack!

I started Home for all StAges (H-FAS) back in 2011 and a website company created a nice site for me. No, this is not that site.

I worked H-FAS a bit, but not enough. Since then I have continued to study, learn from experience, and kick around in 50+ housing while continuing to devote most of my work time to technical communication as a contractor or consultant (tech writer, procedures analyst, training designer, project manager).

This year, I was called back into housing with a request to teach the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation course. Designation means Realtors can add SRES as a specialty. While teaching the SRES course last week, I heard and felt myself say, “Many Boomers are still figuring it out — figuring out the second half of their lives.”  

I am a Boomer and I have been figuring out the second half for the past few years. Now I have decided to get the “figuring it out” behind me. I’m going with my gifts, passion, and places where I naturally land. One of them is 50+ housing.

So, I am back to working my Home for All StAges. There was a reason I got the call to teach SRES classes. So, here I am on a beautiful Sunday afternoon writing this post. Here I go. I’ll share with you. Please share with me.

Here we go!
Bonnie (Yakini) Davis 2.0

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